As You're Vanishing In Silence

by All My Faith Lost ...



This material possesses quality and individuality. With an acoustic instrumentation of guitars, flute, piano and violin along with the members, Viola and Federico's own technique, spirit and presence, All My Faith Lost create an openly honest sound that is hard to come by these days, with a purity that is almost painfully intense. Italian melancholic ethereal as we know from bands such as Gothica, Ordo Equitum Solis and also even some of the calmer dark-acoustic sets of Ain Soph, interwined with influences of the darkwave bands heard on the American label, Projekt. This is sound-balm for the ears, far away from daily stress and the disturbing noises of today. Volumes are low, lyrics are whispered - it's sparse, soft and dangerously seductive.


released January 2, 2005

As You're Vanishing In Silence:
Music and Lyrics by All My Faith Lost ...
Viola: lyrics, vocals, flutes, piano
Federico: lyrics, vocals, guitars, sinth
Francis: guitars, piano, sinth
Violin on track 2 by Fabio Polo
Viola and Violin on tracks 5, 7, 9, 10 by Corrado Cicuttin

mastered by Peter Andersson

(c) 2004 Federico Salvador, Francis Gri

Composed, recorded and produced by All My Faith Lost ... during 2003



all rights reserved
Track Name: come close my lover
come close my lover, feel the lust
that sweetly flow closer, all over me
enfold my heart now, running fast
without your eyes i can not breath
Track Name: your silent tears
your silent tears, your trmbling eyes
your soft white skin, silk to my fingers
enfolds my whispers soak up my sights
your delicate scent in my head lingers

you silent princess of all my dreams
caress my pain and all my fears
i feel your passion flowing in streams
ardent desire in my veins stirs
now quiety, sweetly, secretly
the shadows are moving along your skin
and you close your eyes silently
falling asleep my beauty queen
Track Name: rain has fallen all the day
rain has fallen all the day
among the folds of your disease
you hide your fears in this delay
inside silent tears

endlessly waiting for something
to come, shall we remain?
come, my beloved, where i may
speak too your heart
Track Name: she came to me
she came to me as whispers light
and endless sea was in her eyes
the wind that blew could fix the night
her whispered words, silk butterflyes

we are still lovers, days are passed
sweet flowers died and winters gone
just you and me are at the lasr
just you and me until last dawn
Track Name: at that hour
at that hour when all stars are so close
i see the distance in your eyes
now please tell me all of your lies
all your words are falling down as the wind blows
sleep now sleep until sunrise

when the night is gone you’ll be alone
with no one to dry tears from your eyes
and i will leave without apologise
and the night wind whispering as a drone
when i’m forever gone

please close your eyes and fall asleep, time has come
you will se me in your dreams
at that hour when your fears flow in streams
i will go and leave you there all alone
but now please fall asleep, have sweet dreams
Track Name: triste quiete
spazi vuoti nel cuore
si amplificano
spazi vuoti di dolore
si sgretolano

di silenzio si tinge il viso
senza lacrima
si spegne il tuo sorriso
dentro all’anima

triste quiete
abbraccia il tuo cuore
tra le dita
l’amore muore
Track Name: all day i hear your voice
all day i hear your voice the silence
in your eyes
sad as my eyes eyes are when crying
all alone
i feel your soft light skin your hands
touching me

this soft sigh, this far sigh is making
me so sad
i hear your voice so many times
in my head
all day, all night i feel you flowing
in my head
Track Name: disclose your eyes
disclose your eyes here by my side
i feel your pain
disclose your heart i’m not afraid

there is a place where we can hide
all our dreams
no one will touch this precious things
this precious things
Track Name: sleep now
sleep now, oh sleep now
my love, it’s getting dark
i’ve heard your voice until now
it’s still all a spark

my eyes are filled by
the light of your skin
oh, let my hands lie
on you, naked queen

sleep now, oh sleep now
my love, just close your eyes
sleep on, in peace now
my love, as the night dies
Track Name: autumn
the autumn comes with gentle rain
on dry and golden leaves
the last flower is breathing in vain
the weak light he receives

the sweet piano plays an air
sedate and slow and sad
your gentle fingers mooving light
play for the roses dead

your eyes are closed and my eyes are on you
so beautiful and pale
the autumn comes and a gentle rain
falls as a music veil
Track Name: silent lady
silent lady, do not speak
this soundless words are in your eyes
love is dead like a weak
and white lost whisper in these days

far away are now your tears
and all your awaited fears
sleep away with no regrets
love is forever gone